Mohamed Saffour

studied SEPM to gain the background knowledge. With his rapid entry into business, he could quickly gather practical experience and by now, he even takes care of international customers.

Our graduates at the start of their careers-

Mohamed Saffour is working as Sales Manager Middle East at Beumer Maschinenfabrik.

Master of Science Sales Engineering and Product Management,
Master of Science in Material Sciences

Interest and motivation
I find my work fascinating. Because of Beumer's international focus, I can get in contact with many different cultures. You have to be willing to travel, customer service is very important at Beumer.
Currently I am working for BEUMER Middle East in Dubai together with 22 other nations for “internal excellence, for external success”. Working in distribution for a prestigious machinery and equipment producer is very varying, for we are offering complex system solutions which come hand in hand with intensive consultation.
My goal always was to start in economy soon after leaving university, for gaining practical experience and testing my theoretical knowledge. The SEPM studies give you basic knowledge in sales, but the training isn’t finished here, soft-skills are important and necessary for success, too!

Every Day Working Life
As distribution engineer for the field cement, I’m responsible for supporting our customers and key-accounts in the Middle East. Furthermore, I contribute to finding solutions and strategies in sales and customer acquisition and retention. I’m working hand in hand with partners in the respective countries here. Due to our diverse product portfolio and technical complexity of facilities, it is necessary to be on site. During the further procedure of the project I am responsible for technical and commercial negotiation and for explaining the advantages of our products and our extensive service and after-sale support.

Right now I am working on the marketing concept for the Middle East, where BEUMER sees a lot of potential. Therefore, we opened the branch BEUMER Office BGM, where we want to plan and implement customer retention and sales activities together with colleagues on site.
At the moment, I am operating from the office in Dubai with my new colleagues on offering technical workshops for our customers where they learn about new ways to save energy.
The biggest challenge while working in the MJiddle East is to adjust oneself to the culture and especially to the very different way of working.

It is hard to get through your studies on your own, so I was excited about the SEPM team spirit that made friends out of fellow students. I remember team work that led us to sitting and working together until late at night.
Until now I still have contact to former fellow students, who started working as well. I advise all to be committed beyond university. It can make the entry into your career much easier, as employers really like to see such things.