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Holger Grote, student counsellor at the faculty for Mechanical Engineering at the RUB

Biljana Cubaleska, student counsellor at the Faculty for Electrotechnology and Information Technology at the RUB

Luis Barrantes, student counsellor for Sales Engineering and Product Management at the RUB


Studying engineering sciences at the Ruhr University of Bochum implies to start learning technology from the bottom and from internationally recognized professionals. The three engineering Faculties (Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering as well as Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) offer altogether 18 different courses of study.

The Bachelor of Science foresees a regular period of study of six to seven semesters, therefore three years. For the Master of Science a previous Bachelor degree is required. For the M.Sc. the regular period of study includes three to four semesters, therefore two years.

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in our ALLES ING! Live events at RUB, we welcome everybody interested in studying here, who'd like to get an insight into the academic everyday life of our students in the engineering sciences. As a first impression, have a look at Vivien and Maja, who took this picture during their last examination period.