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How to overcome gravity


Startup from the RUB Faculty of Mechanical Engineering wins Industry Prize 2015

A trip to space is expensive and not every company owns the resources to test their probes and ingredients in the weightlessness of a space capsule. Acoustic Levitation solves this problem by providing weightlessness on earth. With their startup„BOROSA Acoustic Levitation“,two former students of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering recently won this year’s Industry Prize in the category “Research and Development”.

With regard to the theme „Network of the future“, enterprises could hand in their application in 14 different categories. The two Bochum Scientists won a package including considerable marketing services. The Industry Prize is aimed at enterprises run by entrepreneurs, family enterprises and at medium-sized companies. Huber publishing for new media Inc. annually awards entrepreneurs at the HANNOVER-exhibition since 2006.

How to overcome gravity

The Spin-off „BOROSA Acoustic Levitation“ by Dr.-Ing. Danijel Borosa and Dipl.-Ing. Charles Rizk in Bochum has created a procedure that allows for the first time to provide weightlessness through acoustic levitation under high pressure. This is beneficial especially for the pharmaceutical industry; for certain crystalline agents are built exclusively under contact-free conditions and under differing pressures. Through this new procedure, the production and mode of operation of medicaments can be significantly improved. Entirely new medicaments could be developed as well.

Acoustic Levitation: No magic, but pure science

During acoustic levitation, strong ultrasonic waves are created and reflected by a loudspeaker. What’s essential in order to make the probe hover is the correct distance between loudspeaker and reflector. The procedure is so interesting for the scientific community because it allows testing the consistency of an agent absolutely free of influences from other materials. This way, the probes cannot be contaminated.

The people behind the Start-up

The start-up currently consists of two persons – Dr.-Ing. Danijel Borosa & Dipl.-Ing. Charles Rizk.

Danijel is the initiator, creative director and CEO of BOROSA Acoustic Levitation. He studied Environmental Engineering & Resource Management at the Ruhr-University Bochum and developed the precursor of the L800) during his Ph.D. studies.

Charles is the project developer and interface between research innovations and marketable products of BOROSA Acoustic Levitation. He studied Biomedical Engineering and Physics at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen and additionally Mechanical Engineering at the Ruhr-University Bochum. Currently, Charles is writing his PhD-thesis in the field of cold sterilization at the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Danijel Borosa and his idea of the acoustic levitator had already made a stir during his time as a doctoral researcher at RUB: His start-up was awarded with the EXIST grant of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and he won the bronze medal at the ruhr@venture competition. The Industry Prize 2015 now crowns all these achievements. According to Danijel Borosa and his co-worker Charles Rizk, they were able to convince the jury with their “innovative solution that presents a high technological and ecologic but also economic and societal value”.

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